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Primary Care

With advanced training and different specializations in primary medicine, our staff is at the forefront of providing medical and healthcare services to the community. This unique role for primary care physicians provides them with the greatest opportunity to provide healthcare services, which is why Infirmary Health ensures that our primary care doctors are looking out for your health first.

What Is Primary Care Medicine?

Primary care medicine refers to the provision of basic healthcare to patients. A primary care physician’s job is to provide immediate and basic diagnostic and treatment services as well as to refer patients to specialists if necessary. These services then involve basic screening services as well as a generalized knowledge of how to treat a wide swath of diseases and infections that beset their patients. Several general types of primary care physicians include internal medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, OBGYNs and pediatricians.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians are a subcategory of primary care physicians that deal with serious or mild internal conditions. Conditions internal medicine doctors often treat include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joint and rheumatological problems, respiratory issues, infections, cuts, mental health issues and hypertension.

Family Medicine

Family medicine physicians provide healthcare services to everyone in a family and specialize in providing preventative care, general internal care and referrals to specialists if needed. Generally, family doctors treat every type of medical need from cuts and accident injuries, children’s illnesses, joint issues, pain, sports injuries and all other generalized disorders and diseases.

Family medicine doctors also serve the more generalized day-to-day medical needs of families. This includes conducting regular checkups for kids, conducting immunizations, providing birth control and conducting preventative exams. Family medicine doctors also manage medication provision, do minor surgeries and help treat reproductive issues.

Travel Medicine

Thomas Hospital Internal Medicine Clinic's Travel Clinic is now accepting new patients who plan to travel internationally and domestically. The clinic aims to promote the well-being of travelers by providing pre-travel consultations, vaccinations, preventative medications and post-travel care for various travel-related illnesses and conditions. Click here to learn more!

To schedule an appointment with the Travel Clinic, please call 251-279-AWAY (2929).

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