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Infirmary Health’s pediatricians in our outpatient clinics and at Thomas Hospital specialize in providing the highest quality of children’s healthcare on the Gulf Coast.

What Is a Pediatrician?

Pediatrics is the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders in children and the young from infancy through adolescence. Pediatric care, while similar to treatments for adults, is specialized in that the treatments are focused for the less mature bodies of children and the child’s growth and development is taken into account.

Outpatient Pediatric Clinics

Our pediatricians care for the healthcare needs of children from birth to full adulthood. Since treating children’s healthcare needs can come with unique challenges, pediatricians are skilled at providing medical services while also making children and families feel safe and comfortable.

Some services provided by our pediatricians include treating:

  • Injuries
  • Body disorders
  • Genetic and congenital disorders
  • Developmental problems
  • General healthcare services

Pediatricians also administer vaccines to children and advise parents on the best ways to keep their children healthy. Regular visits to a pediatrician by a child and their parents better the child’s health and sets them up for a chance at a healthy adulthood.

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Pediatric Hospital Care

If your child is injured or sick, you can expect the very best assistance from the pediatric hospitalist team at Thomas Hospital. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our pediatric hospitalists ensure that when your child needs admission to our hospital, they are getting constant and quality care. While seeing your child sick or injured can be frightening or overwhelming, Thomas Hospital’s pediatric hospitalists will provide the very best of care to your child to ensure that they can get back to growing again. Their goal to be the very first choice in pediatric medicine on the Gulf Coast.

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