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Patients & Visitors

At Infirmary Health, our patients are our first priority. For over a century, we have been healing our community and providing quality care because we believe that your LIFE should come first. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that your hospital stay or treatment plan is the best possible. With over 110 years of experience at providing medical care to the Gulf Coast, we understand how hard a hospital stay or medical problem can be and that a patient’s family and friends are critical team members in a patient’s recovery. Our services are designed to serve the physical, spiritual and relational needs of our patients as well as providing easy access to your medical data so that you and your family can make the most informed decisions about your care.

LifeSouth Community Blood Center

Infirmary Health also partners with LifeSouth Community Blood Center. This ensures that blood donated to the LifeSouth Center serves the communities needs and also allows us the resources we need to save and treat patients. If you are interested in becoming a blood donor, reach out to LifeSouth Community Blood Center today. To qualify as a donor, you must be 17 years old or older, present a valid, government issued I.D. and weigh at least 110 pounds. Appointments are available and recommended during the Center’s blood drives.

Personal Belongings

Patients and visitors are responsible to care for all personal belonging brought into an Infirmary Health facility. We are not responsible for replacing lost or damaged items. We highly recommend that patients only bring essential items with them to the hospital. All valuables and other precious belongings should be left at home or with a loved one when the patient is admitted.

Our personal belongings statement is available here.


Below are the forms our patients will frequently need during their course of medical treatment.

Visitor Policies

Learn more about our policies here.