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Corporate Wellness

Infirmary Health offers a comprehensive corporate wellness program through its iHealthy wellness program. Bringing the highest quality of care and professionalism to its programs, Infirmary Health’s corporate wellness programs are designed to keep your workforce healthy. Having served the medical and healthcare needs of the community for well over a hundred years, Infirmary Health is well situated to assist your company in providing a health work environment. Our comprehensive strategy seeks to fit a strategy that conforms to your workforce’s culture and is affordable. Contact us today to discuss how your organization would benefit from a corporate wellness program.

What Is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness refers to company programs designed to provide employees preventative medical services and to improve employees’ health overall. These types of programs are corporation-specific and may range from simply allowing employees time to better their health through exercise to providing healthier food at work, to comprehensive exercise, counseling and screening.

Corporate wellness can provide greatly enhanced health benefits to employees including:

  • Healthier lifestyle habits
  • Decreased sick days
  • Increased knowledge of ways to stay healthy
  • Counseling for addictions and other unhealthy habits

The benefits of corporate wellness programs for the company include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Lower overhead spent on healthcare for the employer and the employee
  • Healthy corporate culture

What We Offer

Infirmary Health offers a comprehensive corporate wellness service through its iHealthy program. Tailored for each company, our wellness team works with you to ensure the best outcomes for your staff. Our program is a mix of services, counseling, education and reporting.


The services we offer are tailored to provide practical medical advice, assessments and screenings to give a basic picture of individual and corporate health. They include:

  • Yearly health assessments
  • Doctor evaluations of completed health assessments with personalized recommendations.
  • Comprehensive body composition and blood pressure
  • Physician assessments of cardiac health


Our corporate wellness health counseling services include monthly or quarterly assessments by health coaches, wellness coaching and individualized educational materials.


Your corporate wellness program will include educational presentations to your staff on health issues. However, these presentations are tailored to meet the needs of your staff by being based of the results of the corporate wide health assessments. These presentations will also be coordinated with health challenges designed to motivate your staff to better health.


Our corporate wellness program also provides more comprehensive results by offering individualized or corporate reporting so that you can see the effectiveness of the program and continue to make strides in corporate health.

This combination of services, individualized health counseling, educational sessions and corporate health challenges and then screening data provide your company the ability to tailor a corporate wellness program that will greatly increase corporate health and productivity.

Contact Us Today

Our trained team will guide you through the proper plan and ensure that your workplace gets as healthy as possible.

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