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Occupational Health

Infirmary Health’s Industrial and Occupational medicine program is the Gulf Coast Region's first choice for full-service occupational health. Infirmary Health offers a broad healthcare network dedicated to ensure your work-related healthcare needs are met. Outpatient services include industrial rehabilitation, physical therapy, orthopaedics, corporate wellness and occupational medicine. Inpatient services include five emergency rooms, four acute care hospitals, two post-acute rehabilitation hospitals.

What Is Occupational Health Care?

Occupational healthcare revolves around protecting and providing healthcare to workers and employees. Its goals are to prevent injury among workers on the job and to treat injuries that do happen. Subcategories of occupational healthcare include, occupational medicine, physical therapy, broader work-related injury care, testing and immunizations.

Services We Provide

Our services range from screening, to surgical and emergency medical care, to support care for maintenance of long-term health on the job. With our three clinics and 24-hour service network, we seek to ensure that when you need work related healthcare, you can receive it.

Screening and Testing

To aid in your employment efforts we coordinate with patients, employers and insurance companies to provide testing and screening services for employees. These services allow you to meet your employers testing requirements quickly and efficiently and also provide health safety services for employees.

Some of our testing and screening services include:

  • Drug and alcohol testing for employment
  • Health screening for workers
  • EKGs
  • X-rays

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our drug and alcohol testing services allow you to meet your employers’ requirements of pre-hiring or random on the job drug screenings.

Health Screenings for Workers

Worker health screenings are designed to protect those who work around unhealthy or hazardous elements. The goal of these screenings is to ensure that the employees’ health has not been affected by such exposure and, if it has, to diagnose and treat the effects as quickly as possible.

The types of screenings we offer include screenings for:

  • Vision
  • Respirator difficulties
  • Presence of hazardous materials
  • Presence of bloodborne pathogens
  • Tuberculosis

Employee Support Services

We provide other support services to protect and enhance the health of employees.

These services are designed to meet the needs of our local workers beyond simple testing and include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Electronic medical records
  • Physician referral networks
  • Physician reports with work status
  • Duty program assessments and compliance
  • Case management
  • Pharmacy services
  • Laboratory services

Work-Related Injury Care

Infirmary Health’s Occupational health network also provides work-related injury and emergency care including:

  • 24-hour emergency care for on the job injuries
  • Rehabilitation services for job related injuries
  • Post-accident screening and testing
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