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Senior Behavioral Health

At our senior behavioral services centers in Mobile and Bay Minette, we strive to provide encouraging and individualized care to evaluate and treat behavioral and mental problems aging brings. Our assessments, services and care are geared towards ensuring your loved is as mentally and physical fit as possible as they age.

What Is Senior Behavioral Health?

The practice of senior behavioral health medicine seeks to provide psychiatric support and treatment to those elderly adults who suffer from behavioral, mental or emotional problems because of the losses associated with the aging process. Physicians and psychologists specializing in this field seek to provide living and caring therapy and treatment options to help the elderly work through the aging process and be as mentally health and stable for as long as they can.

Our staff seeks to treat elderly individuals with emotional illnesses such as:

  • Sleeping too much or not being able to sleep
  • Constantly crying
  • Refusing to eat or eating too much
  • Being forgetful
  • Not wanting to be around other people
  • Always being sad
  • Admitted to being suicidal
  • Not caring about how they look

What We Can Do to Help

Our state-of-the-art senior behavioral health centers in Mobile and Bay Minette provide a compassionate and supportive environment where elderly patients are provided the therapy and care they need to thrive later in life.

The services we provide includes an initial evaluation to determine the cause, emotional or biomedical, of the behavioral change or disorder. After the initial evaluation, an individualized treatment program is formed which could include group therapy, individual therapy, lifestyle training, monitoring by social workers, education programs and assessment and care of secondary needs.

Holistic, Family Centered Treatment

Infirmary Health’s senior behavioral unit seeks to give family members the ability to be involved in their loved one’s treatment process as well as ensure that the elderly patient has a strong support group surrounding them.

What to Expect from Senior Behavioral Health

The Senior Behavioral Health units at Mobile Infirmary and North Baldwin Infirmary provide 24-hour care inpatient hospitalization program. With admissions occurring 24 hours a day, initial assessments and treatment plans are conducted by specialist psychiatrists and physicians, respectively. The units are also staffed by mental health professionals to ensure that your loved receives the very best of care. Even after discharge, our staff of physicians seek to provide supportive care by developing an ongoing care plan, providing outpatient therapy, and even a day hospital program. The goal is to ensure that the patient lives life to the fullest as they age.

If Your Elderly Loved One Is Struggling With Mental Illness, We Can Help

With our full service psychiatric senior behavioral health facilities in Mobile and Bay Minette, we can provide the mental health support your loved one needs.

Contact us today for more information.

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