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Cancer Types

Infirmary Cancer Care’s goal is to provide quality cancer treatments to the Mobile and Gulf Coast community, regardless of the type of cancer. Cancer is an uncontrolled proliferation of cells that harms the function of that area of the body. This uncontrolled growth can cause a wide variety of symptoms or no symptoms at all depending on the nature of the cancer. Whatever type of cancer you are facing, Infirmary Cancer Care’s state-of-the-art facilities and professional specialist medical staff are here to help you get the treatment that you need.

Cancer Classifications

Cancer can affect every part of the body. Our specialists are experienced at treating cancers affecting a wide variety of bodily systems. To begin to develop a treatment plan, one must first understand the different types of cancer. Cancer can be broken up into four major classifications:


Cancers that fall into the carcinoma category often affect the skin or organ lining. The most frequent cancer type in the United States, these cancers can spread beyond the skin or linings of an organ to infect a greater part of the body.


Sarcoma cancers are a category of cancers that begin in the bones and connective tissues of the body. This type of cancer can affect fat, blood vessels, muscles, tendons and joint linings. The Mayo Clinic has estimated the number of sarcoma cancers to exceed 70.


Leukemia cancers begin in blood-producing areas of the body such as bone marrow. The effect is to disrupt or change the process of blood production and even blood makeup. Adults and children are differently susceptible to the variations of leukemia with the disease frequently involving the abnormal production of white blood cells.


Lymphoma attacks the body’s immune system by turning immune cells cancerous. Starting in the lymphatic system of the body, the cancer disrupts the body’s ability to defend itself from outside contagions and often confuses the body’s immune system into attacking itself.

Depending on which classification of cancer the patient is suffering from, cancer can manifest itself in many ways. Some cancers such as sarcomas or carcinomas may present themselves as a tumor or layering of cells that can be easily identified. Lymphomas and Leukemia are harder to recognize because, unlike a sarcoma or carcinoma, these cancers may affect individual cells within the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

Types of Cancer

While there are four major classifications of cancer depending on how the cancer begins and spreads throughout the body, there are many more specific types of cancer. These are known by the specific part or organ of the body that they affect.

Infirmary Cancer Care has treated, among others, cancers such as:

The type of cancer is also affected by whether the cancer is contained or has metastasized. Contained cancer merely affects the organ that it started in while a metastasized cancer grows to invade and affect other bodily organs and systems. Contained cancers are usually easier to treat.

Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Whatever type of cancer you may be suffering from, Infirmary Cancer Care can provide the diagnostic and treatment options you need to fight back. With state-of-the-art facilities and specialists in every major area of cancer care, our centers can provide holistic and quality care to cancer patients.

Call Infirmary Cancer Care today for more information on cancer diagnostic and treatment options.

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