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Palliative Cancer Care on the Gulf Coast

Infirmary Cancer Care’s palliative care specializes in providing support and relief to those patients who have advanced stage or terminal cancers as well as any patient in Mobile or on the Gulf Coast who has a life-threatening illness. Designed to be a specific support program for these types of patients, our palliative care team provides a personalized and caring plan to walk the patient and their family through their terminal or life-threatening illness.

Our Palliative Care Program

Moving beyond our cancer care groups, Infirmary Health’s palliative care program takes a family-centered and strategic approach to care for the whole person as they face a potentially life-ending disease. The focus of the palliative care program is on maximizing the patient’s quality of life. As such, the focuses of the program range from physical, psychological, social and spiritual care. The goals of the patient are the top priority and our palliative care team will work with the patient and their family to ensure that the best care plan is formulated and put into action. Patients eligible for our palliative care program include patients with terminal cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure or some other terminal or end-stage condition.

Palliative care differs from hospice care in that, while hospice care is focused on simply keeping a terminally ill patient comfortable, our palliative care program is tailored to include those individuals who are still being treated and of whom there is still hope for recovery. Thus, our palliative care program seeks to fill a gap in treatment between general cancer support groups/programs and hospice care by providing a robust and intense holistic program of treatment for those faced with a possibly life-ending illness.

The Palliative Care Process

Similar to our cancer support programs, palliative care begins right at the time of diagnosis. Unlike our cancer programs, our palliative care program is run by a team of medical professionals who will work with the patient to set goals and develop a treatment plan. This treatment plan may consist of physical, spiritual or emotional support coupled with practical advice and help with medical treatments and everyday concerns. The caregiver and family are also integral members of this team and their support is highly encouraged in this program. Given the broad scope of palliative care, your treatment team may consist of medical professionals, social workers, pastors, psychotherapists and other professionals who can give the patient the full range of necessary support.

After a treatment plan has been developed, the palliative care team will then work with the patient and their family to apply this plan using an aggressive and focused approach. Much more structured than our cancer care programs, but focused on the patient’s priorities, palliative care seeks to forcefully pursue holistic treatment. Palliative care continues as long as the patient requires it.

Is Palliative Care Right for Me?

Infirmary Health’s palliative care program is available to all patients faced with a possibly terminal illness. If you or a loved one falls into that situation and desires a treatment program that goes beyond merely the administration of medical treatments, palliative care may be right for you. Focused on the spiritual needs, psychological wellbeing, emotional wellness and other aspects of the patient affected by the disease, the goal is to help the patient achieve their desired quality of life despite the cancer.

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