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Cancer Treatment Options on the Gulf Coast

Infirmary Cancer Care provides the most advanced, state-of-the-art treatments available to our patients so that they can become cancer-free. Located in Mobile and along the Gulf Coast, if you or a loved one are seeking cancer treatments, we can provide you cancer-specific and targeted options to treat whatever cancer you are suffering from at whatever stage.

Treating Cancer

Treating cancer requires a comprehensive and aggressive approach to combating the disease that combines strategic information about the disease with personal knowledge of the client’s situation to develop a treatment plan tailored to provide the best possible success. At Infirmary Cancer Care, when you are diagnosed with cancer, your treatment team will immediately begin working with you to discuss your treatment options.

Cancer treatments have advanced greatly in the last several decades. With the advent of targeted therapy and immunotherapy, doctors are now able to target and destroy cancer with as little effect on the rest of the body as possible. Further, more traditional therapies such as cancer, radiation and chemotherapy have advanced in specificity and effectiveness while lowering the harshness of side effects. The general treatment categories available for cancer include:


Surgery is one of the most common treatments available to treat cancer. Used only in cancers that affect bone and tissue, the main goal of surgery is to remove the cancer either entirely or as a part of a course of larger treatment. Each cancer has different surgical procedures associated with it.


Chemotherapy uses chemicals to kill cancer cells and surrounding normal cells. The purpose is to ensure that the cancer is killed and does not return. Chemotherapy is usually targeted only to destroy fast-growing cells in your body of which cancer cells are the foremost


Radiation therapy targets radiation at cancer cells to kill them. This process continues for some time after treatment and ensures continued effectiveness.

Clinical Trials

The quest to find better treatments and cures for cancer continues. Many clinical trials show promising results for targeted therapy and immunotherapy treatments that provide cancer-specific treatments to treat the disease with decreased side effects.

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on the holistic care of patients with life-threatening cancer. It focuses on physical, psychological and emotional tools to aggressively combat the illness.

Cancer-Specific Options

Many cancer treatment plans may be a variation of the above treatment options. This is largely dependent on the type of cancer and what specific part of the body the cancer is affecting. Treatment is also affected by the patient’s personal goals through the treatment process.

Infirmary Cancer Care provides targeted and cancer-specific options to treat, among others, the following cancers:

Treatment plans for these cancers may be dependent on the stage of your cancer, whether surgery is an option, your health and the amount of research done for that specific area of cancer. Consult with your doctor to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to give you the best success possible.

A Holistic Approach

Infirmary Cancer Care’s mission is to provide the best cancer treatments possible to their patients. Working with an entire team to ensure a multitude of specialties guide the treatment plan in each case, Infirmary Cancer Care’s staff seeks to fight cancer aggressively and unswervingly on their patient’s behalf.

If you are a loved one is suffering from cancer, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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