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Infirmary Health’s passion is to serve our community. Whether through serving the Gulf Coast’s immediate healthcare needs or supporting foundations and drives for a healthier community, Infirmary health is committed to ensuring that our community is as healthy and whole as possible. This is why we are a not-for-profit healthcare system and have been serving south Alabama for over 110 years. Our goal is to be your FIRST CHOICE for healthcare on the Gulf Coast and that will be accomplished through implementation of our mission: LIFE. This is why beyond our medical services; we endeavor to identify and fill the medical needs in the community through our robust iHealth community health program.

iHelp: Our Way of Giving Back to You

Infirmary Health’s iHelp program is designed to allow us to strategically reach out to the community to better health and make an impact on wellbeing in the region. We realize there are many health needs in the community that cannot be resolved simply through the provision of basic healthcare services. Instead, a healthy community will only be reached through activism and community engagement to ensure that community health problems are identified and resolved. iHelp provides the platform for Infirmary Health to give back by financially supporting our community partners and providing opportunities for in-kind and volunteer resources by the Infirmary Health family and affiliates.

We accomplish these goals by conducting periodic community needs assessments. Through comprehensive and specific polling of the community as well as in-depth studies of community demographics and medical incidents, we attempt to determine the overall health needs of the community. This report combines the feedback from all of our facilities to provide a comprehensive picture of the health problems on the Gulf Coast that we need to tackle.

From these assessments we attempt to tailor our services to the communities needs and provide funding for organizations working in the neediest areas. These organizations vary in size but share a common purpose of bettering the health of our community.

Funding and Grants

Organizations may submit grant requests directly to Infirmary Health here.

Those organizations applying for funding should submit the application by the first of the month to be considered for a grant that month. The Infirmary Health iHelp committee meets monthly to consider grants and grant applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial after each monthly meeting. Each grant is given full consideration by the committee for how much it helps the community and betters community health.

2022-2024 Community Health Needs Assessment

The results from our 2022-2024 Community Health Needs Assessment are available here. Access to care, obesity, cancer and heart disease are four main areas of opportunity that the assessment reveals.

Our previous assessments can be found below:




Our Promise to You

At Infirmary Health, our goal is, not only to provide the best medical care to our clients, but to better the help of our community and neighbors. Through engagement, activism and reaching out to our neighbors we can together better the health of our community and create a healthier and brighter future for the Gulf Coast. If you are interested in becoming involved in bettering community health or for information about our grant program, call us today for more information. Join us in helping our community.