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Hello World – Epic’s Text Notification and Two-Way Message Solution
Frequently Asked Questions Document

for employees and for patient questions.

1. What is Hello World?

On Thursday, February 1, 2024, Infirmary Health will implement Hello World, Epic’s text notification and two-way messaging solution. This will allow patients to interact with Infirmary Health independently of staff intervention for the following scenarios:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment updates
  • e-check-in prompts
  • Balance updates
  • Care management notifications
  • MyChart account updates

2. What do patients need to do?

For patients already utilizing text messaging communications, they must opt into Hello World messaging, even if they are already receiving texts from Infirmary Health today. Patients can do this by texting “START” to 98957, or patients can opt in via their MyChart.

Patients also need to review and confirm their communication preferences. Communication preferences allow patients to specify how they want to receive communications from Infirmary Health. To utilize text messaging through Hello World, they will want to select text as their preferred method of contact for the communication categories of their choosing.

3. What happens when a patient replies to a Hello World text message?

Depending on the messaging workflow, there are certain keywords that a patient can use to respond to their Hello World text message. Their response will then trigger an automatic action within the system. For example: When a patient replies “Confirm” to their appointment confirmation text message, Epic Ascent will automatically update the patient’s appointment status to confirmed, which will then update in their appointment info screens, as well as on department reports such as the confirmation report.

4. As an Infirmary Health employee what can I do to help enroll patients?

With verbal consent you can opt in patients to start receiving text messages, from their communication preference screen. Once they are opted in an enrolment message will be sent.

Also, they may need assistance in making sure their communication preferences are set to align with their prefeed method of contact.

See related Hello World tip sheet for an overview of setting Communication Preference and sending an Opt-In invite.

5. What if a patient doesn’t want to sign up for the new Infirmary Health text messaging?

Patients are not required to enroll in Hello World text messaging, this is why they must opt-in to start utilizing text and two-way messaging options. If they choose to no longer receive text messages, they can revoke their enrollment via their communication preferences in MyChart, or text “STOP” to 98957. This will opt patients out from receiving any recurring automated messages from Infirmary Health. You can also assist patients by opting them out via Manage Text Message Consent in the patient communication preference screens.

Patient FAQ

1. Why is the number I get Infirmary Health texts from changing?

If you have already been receiving text messages from Infirmary Health Clinic, the number you have been receiving messages from will be changing. This is so we can better serve your communication needs with expanded texting options for communication updates related to your visits, Infirmary Health MyChart account, outstanding balances, and care management.

2. What do I need to do if I want to receive text messages from Infirmary Health?

To begin or continue receiving text messages from Infirmary Health you can text “START” to 98957, to opt into Infirmary Health text messaging. You can also control your opt-in status and communication preferences from your MyChart account to specify which updates you would like to receive via text.

3. What if I no longer want to receive texts from Infirmary Health?

To opt-out of recurring automated messages from Infirmary Health, you can text “STOP” to 98957 at any time or control your opt-out status via your communication preferences within your MyChart account. The Infirmary Health MyChart Support Line staff can also help ensure your opt-in/opt-out status is set correctly and can be reached at 251-435-4357.