Infirmary LTAC Hospital

Infirmary LTAC Hospital, the only hospital of its kind in the region, is a specialty hospital designed to meet the complex medical needs of patients who are critically ill and require extended medical care. The team at Infirmary LTAC Hospital is specially-trained to provide patients with intensive treatment in a safe and specialized environment.  

Our hospital specializes in the treatment of medically complex patients who require extended hospitalization. We utilize a team approach in order to provide quality care for each patient and are passionate about giving patients the best chance at recovery from acute injury or illness by providing early and aggressive intervention. The majority of our patients are admitted after a stay in a short-term hospital, often from intensive care and step-down units. Infirmary LTAC Hospital specializes in caring for patients with: 

  • an average length of stay of 25-30 days; 
  • three to six concurrent active diagnoses and an acute episode on top of several chronic illnesses and co-morbidities that cannot be treated effectively at an alternative level of care; 
  • multiple acute complexities as determined by a physician assessment and subsequent documentation requiring daily physician intervention.

We welcome the opportunity to show our facility and services to you. To arrange a tour of Infirmary LTAC Hospital prior to your loved ones’ admission to the hospital or for more information, please call 251-435-LTAC (5822).

What is a Long Term Acute Care Hospital?

A long term acute care hospital is designed for patients suffering from critical illness or complex medical diseases and injuries that no longer meet the criteria for a regular hospital stay. For many patients, Infirmary LTAC Hospital is a stepping stone in the recovery process. Once they are well enough, patients move to the next phase of their recovery which may include an inpatient rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, nursing home or home healthcare.

Who Benefits from Long Term Acute Care?

Conditions and treatments that may benefit from the care provided at Infirmary LTAC Hospital include:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Multiple Trauma
  • Post-surgical Complications
  • Long Term IV Antibiotics
  • Neurological
  • Wound Management/Skin Care
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Pulmonary
  • Multi-System Failure

Team Approach and Individualized Care

We believe a team approach helps speed physical, emotional and spiritual recovery. We embrace each of our patients as individuals with a personal history and a unique health situation and we provide the compassion, support and nurturing necessary to achieve optimal recovery. We recognize that the needs of each patient differ. Our physician-directed Interdisciplinary Care (IDC) Team works with both the patient and family to provide individualized care aimed at helping each patient reach the greatest level of independence and enhanced quality of life. The IDC team is comprised of:

  • physicians
  • dietitians
  • occupational therapists
  • medical specialists
  • nurses
  • pharmacists
  • physical therapists
  • respiratory therapists
  • social workers
  • speech therapists 

The Role of the Patient and Family

We consider the patient’s family members and caregivers to be vital members of our team. Their participation in the program is essential to the success of the care provided. Education for the patient, as well as the family, is an important part of the healing process. We depend on family members to participate in training sessions to ensure proper care for the patient following discharge. A family conference is scheduled soon after the patient's arrival to LTACH to review medical status, concerns and expectations. Updates are also provided to families on the patient's progress on an ongoing basis.

Pet Visits

We are pet friendly and allow you to bring pets to visit your loved one. Owners should bring paperwork showing their pet is current on all shots including a rabies vaccine, and be clean and on a leash. We kindly ask that pet visits be limited to the specific patient.

Referral Process

A medical professional evaluates each patient referred to Infirmary LTAC Hospital to verify the patient meets admission criteria. Referrals can be made by a physician, case manager, social worker, home health provider, nursing home provider, caregiver or family member. It is important that potential patients are evaluated early in the course of their acute care stay in order to qualify for optimal benefits of long term acute care. Most patients are admitted directly from the ICU of traditional hospitals with complex respiratory or medical needs. For an assessment, call our referral assessment coordinators at 251-435-LTAC (5822).

Awards and Recognitions 

Infirmary LTAC Hospital received the National Association of Long Term Hospital’s (NALTH) Quality Achievement Award. The award, which recognizes innovative processes, was given to the hospital for its work in reducing overall infection rates. 

Tours and More Information

We welcome the opportunity to show our facility and services to you. To arrange a tour of Infirmary LTAC Hospital prior to your loved ones’ admission to the hospital or for more information, please call 251-435-LTAC (5822).

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