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Infirmary Long Term Acute Care Hospital

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About This Location

Infirmary LTAC Hospital, located in Mobile, is specialty care hospital and one of the only facilities of its kind in the region. With a focus on extended hospitalization, Infirmary LTAC hospital treats patients who require prolonged and expansive medical services. Our specially trained staff provide intensive and personalized treatment in an environment that is formulated to be as safe and comfortable as possible. With teamwork and compassion, our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one receive the best quality care available so that you have the best possibility of recover. The medical complexities of long-term acute care can be overwhelming. Call us today to learn more.

Admission Criteria

Admissions to Infirmary LTAC Hospital are by referral only and can be made by physicians, social workers, case managers, home health providers, caregivers or family members. When a referral is made, one of our physicians with conduct an evaluation of the patient to see whether long-term acute care would be best for their situation. Many patients admitted to long-term acute care are transferred from intensive care units and require respiratory or ventilator assistance or may suffer from some other complex medical condition that demands intentional and long-term acute care services.

Most patients needing long-term acute care services will have:

  • An average hospital stay of 25-30 days
  • Between three and six diagnoses
  • An acute illness episode caused by a chronic illness requiring acute care
  • Numerous acute conditions caused by illnesses that require continuous care

What Is Long-Term Acute Care?

Long-term acute care refers to continuous and consistent care for severe illnesses and disabilities. Long-term acute care hospitals exist to provide those services to patients with such serious conditions but who cannot remain in the intensive care units of a regular hospital anymore. The goal is to use long-term acute care as a conduit to inpatient rehabilitation, nursing facilities or home healthcare.

Long-term acute care may be appropriate for those with extreme musculoskeletal or spinal injuries, extreme trauma, pulmonary or neurological conditions or conditions in which body systems are failing. Also treatable are extreme surgical complications and serious infections.

Our Approach to Long-Term Acute Care

Our approach to long-term acute care focuses on providing a personalized care plan to ensure that each patient can be as independent as possible while receiving the care they need. We try to improve our patient’s quality of life through use of our care teams that focus on learning each patient’s history and situation to provide the best support possible in a compassionate and caring manner. This is why we have been recognized through receipt of the National Association of Long-Term Hospital’s Quality Achievement Awards.

Our Center uses the physician-directed interdisciplinary care team model in which a team of therapists, specialists, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and dietitians work under the direction of a physician to provide you or your family member their necessary care. A critical part of this team is the patient’s family who play an important role in the treatment and aftercare. This is why our team will schedule a conference with the patient’s family soon after admission in order provide information and chart the path forward.

Contact Us Today

If you are in the Mobile area and believe that long-term acute care may be right for you or your family, call us today to schedule a tour or to talk with our team, Call (251) 435-LTAC (5822).

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