Financial Assistance

Patients who are unable to pay their hospital bill at any of Infirmary Health's hospitals- Mobile Infirmary, Thomas Hospital, Infirmary LTAC Hospital or North Baldwin Infirmary may qualify for certain financial assistance or benefit programs that are available. Infirmary Health has a hospital Financial Assistance Policy/Program which will cover all or a portion of the cost of hospital care we provide for eligible patients. In addition, we can assist hospital patients in applying for Medicaid and other third-party benefit programs.

To apply for Infirmary Health’s Hospital Financial Assistance Program, you should complete a Financial Assistance Application Form, sign the “Statement of Truth” therein, and furnish the requested information and documentation which demonstrates your financial need, and supports your income, expense, asset and debt situation. (You may download the Financial Assistance Application Form and Financial Assistance Application Instructions, or you may contact us and request the documents by mail.) After completing the Financial Assistance Application Form, you should mail same (with all supporting documents) to:

Infirmary Health, Attn: Patient Business Services Dept. P.O. Box 2144 Mobile, Alabama 36652

Your application and all information therein will be reviewed by our Financial Assistance Committee, and eligibility pursuant to our Financial Assistance Policy/Program will be determined. Applicants will be notified in writing of their financial assistance eligibility and dollar determination, if any. You should contact our Patient Business Services department at 251-435-3541 for any questions regarding the program. Also available for download is our: Financial Assistance Policy - Plain Language Summary.

To download the Financial Assistance Forms, please click below:

Financial Assistance - Plain Language Summary, Application and Instructions 

Financial Assistance - Policy and Procedure

To apply for Medicaid or other third-party benefit programs, please contact us at 251-435-3541, and we can arrange for someone to assist you with the application process.

If you do not qualify for Financial Assistance or other programs, but are unable to pay your hospital bill in full, please contact us at 251-435-3541 to make payment arrangements. We have certain discount and payment programs which may apply to your bill.