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Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute performs 300th WATCHMAN FLX™ procedure at Mobile Infirmary

Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute (HVI) completed its 300th case utilizing the latest-generation WATCHMAN FLX™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) Device. Dr. Mina Jacob, an interventional cardiologist with Diagnostic & Medical Clinic, successfully completed the 300th case at Mobile Infirmary. The WATCHMAN FLX™ is an alternative to the lifelong use of blood thinners for people with atrial fibrillation (AFib) not caused by a heart valve problem, also known as non-valvular AFib.

AFib is the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia, or abnormal heart rhythm, affecting more than seven million Americans. During AFib, the atria beat in a rapid manner interrupting the flow of the heart’s electrical system causing ineffective blood flow. Left untreated, AFib can progressively get worse over time or lead to other serious complications like heart disease or stroke. In individuals with non-valvular AFib, more than 90% of all stroke-causing clots that come from the heart form in an area of the heart called the left atrial appendage (LAA).

The WATCHMAN FLX™ device closes off the LAA to keep harmful blood clots that can form in this area from entering the blood stream and potentially causing a stroke. By closing off the LAA, the risk of stroke may be reduced, and over time, patients may be able to stop taking their blood thinner. The latest-generation technology has a new design to help treat more patients safely and effectively to ensure the best long-term outcomes.

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of AFib, ask your doctor if this procedure could be right for you. Learn more about Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute and find a cardiovascular specialist near you by visiting