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Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute completes 100th case utilizing FlowTriever® & ClotTriever® from Inari Medical

Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute completed its 100th case utilizing FlowTriever® and ClotTriever® systems from Inari Medical, an important new option for the treatment for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Dr. Mina Jacob, an interventional cardiologist with Diagnostic & Medical Clinic, successfully completed the 100th case at Mobile Infirmary.

VTE is a term that includes both deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). It affects nearly one million Americans each year. Acute PE is the third leading cause of cardiovascular death after heart attack and stroke. Infirmary Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute is treating these conditions utilizing venous designed medical thrombectomy devices, the FlowTriever® and ClotTriever®, to remove large clot burdens through a minimally invasive procedure.

“This minimally invasive procedure provides almost immediate relief in our patients with symptomatic, blood clots of the lower extremities and lungs,” shares Dr. Jacob. “We have seen great success and we are proud to provide this advanced life-saving treatment to our community.”

The FlowTriever® and ClotTriever® aids a specialist in effectively removing clots within one minimally invasive procedure. Patients who are eligible for this procedure experience immediate symptom relief, reduced stay in an intensive care unit and an elimination of the need for thrombolytic, clot-busting, drugs.

Joe Stough, EVP and chief operating officer of Infirmary Health experienced first-hand this advanced technology when he was diagnosed with a PE. The HVI team at Mobile Infirmary utilized the FlowTriever technology, reversing the effects of the embolus and avoiding permanent long-standing damage. Watch Joe’s full story at

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