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Emory's Gift | Thomas Hospital - Pediatrics Department

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  • Written By: Amanda Akey
Emory's Gift | Thomas Hospital - Pediatrics Department
Just before her recent birthday, 12-year-old Emory told her mom, "I know what I want to do for my birthday! Bring kids in the hospital presents!” Together, they approached Thomas Hospital about donating gifts for the patients of the pediatric care unit. Emory then went shopping, using her own money, to purchase gifts in hopes of bringing a smile to the children's faces!

Emory's birthday request was shaped by her own experiences being a pediatric hospital patient. She was hospitalized with viral meningitis when she was only five days old and had emergent surgery at four years old after being diagnosed with lymphedema. Holly, Emory's mom, feels that her daughter's journey has given her a unique perspective on how she can love others well.

Emory's spirit of giving has been contagious. When the father of a pediatric patient who received one of the donated gifts learned about Emory's generosity, he made a donation to the Thomas Hospital Foundation so that more children could experience that joy! Thomas Hospital's pediatric unit is incredibly grateful for Emory's donation. Her gifts have delivered smiles and joy to many children who have been admitted to the hospital.

While seeing your child sick or injured can be frightening or overwhelming, Thomas Hospital’s pediatric hospitalists will provide the very best of care to your child to ensure that they can get back to growing again. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quality pediatric care is available close to home at Thomas Hospital.

If you would like to join Emory in bringing a smile to the faces of pediatric patients, donate to the Thomas Hospital Foundation pediatric unit fund at by selecting it from the drop down menu at