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Learn more about Anterior Total Hip Replacement with Dr. Michael Granberry

Hip replacement is often offered to patients with degenerative conditions of the hip that does not respond to conservative treatment such as low-impact exercise, stretching, NSAIDs, and injections. Patients choose a hip replacement to alleviate their pain and loss of function.

The anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive approach to the traditional hip replacement procedure. This procedure involves a smaller incision and no cutting of the muscles. Because there is less tissue trauma, recovery is more rapid, and there is less pain immediately after surgery. Typically, the patient walks with the therapist on the day of surgery and is able to go home the next morning.

The fellowship-trained total joint replacement surgeons at Gulf Orthopaedics, an affiliate of Infirmary Health, specialize in this technique and perform anterior total hip surgery on eligible patients. If you are experiencing groin pain, limp, and pain with hip rotation, please schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Call 251-435-BONE (2663) or visit