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PODCAST: My Pregnancy is High-Risk. Where Can I Deliver My Baby?

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PODCAST: My Pregnancy is High-Risk. Where Can I Deliver My Baby?

Infirmary Health's, three maternal health centers, Mobile Infirmary, Thomas Hospital and North Baldwin Infirmary allow expecting mothers along the Gulf Coast to receive comprehensive maternal care. In the case of high-risk births, Mobile Infirmary and Thomas Hospital are able to provide critical care services to both mom and baby, with the support of a neonatal intensive care team and level two specialty nursery.

On the latest episode of LIFE Cast, Jessica Jones, OBGYN with Women’s Health Alliance of Mobile, shares, “At Infirmary Health, we're trying to do everything in our power to reduce potential stressors. We want healthy moms making healthy babies. We want to guide moms through their pregnancy, making their health our number one priority, but also, looking toward the future and trying to guess what we might need for her and the baby down the road.”

Learn more about how Infirmary Health cares for families who are facing high-risk birth complications by listening to the full podcast episode online or in your favorite podcast app.

As the first choice for healthcare for the Gulf Coast region, Infirmary Health is here for you, here for life.