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Making Rounds on Fox 10 News: Osteoporosis, osteopenia & Gulf Orthopaedic’s Bone Health Clinic

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  • Written By: Ashley Rains
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Sarah Goode, CRNP recently spoke on Fox 10 News's Making Rounds segment about osteoporosis, osteopenia and Gulf Orthopaedic’s Bone Health Clinic. At the Bone Health Clinic, the staff can help diagnose osteoporosis and osteopenia with patients who may need to be tested for the diseases. For those who do suffer from the disease, they are able to develop a customized treatment plan to help patients regain bone strength and prevent injuries.

At the Clinic, Sarah says non-evasive testing helps patients understand the risks associated with the diseases but also there are other benefits. "Our bone density screening is our gold standard. It's similar to an X-ray." She went on to list the additional benefits of the testing. "With this same testing, we can also evaluate the quality of the bone you're building."

The testing takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes and the results are read during the appointment. Should a patient require treatment, a customized plan will be discussed. 

To learn more, watch the interview in its entirety or call 251-435-BONE (2663) to schedule an appointment at The Bone Health Clinic at Gulf Orthopaedics.