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The Parmers – A Mobile Infirmary Family Tradition

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  • Written By: Ashley Rains
The Parmers – A Mobile Infirmary Family Tradition

December is a time of year when the practice of traditions within families and friends begins to show up in photos on social media, and in memories, providing insight into connectiveness and a sense of belonging.

For the Parmer family, their family tradition is caring for others – specifically as team members in varying aspects at Infirmary Health’s flagship hospital, Mobile Infirmary. JoAnna Parmer and three of her adult children – Mary-Camden, Hayden and Harris – each found their calling at Mobile Infirmary.

JoAnna says the family recently returned to Mobile after 14 years in Pennsylvania. She worked as an axillary special education teacher and one-on-one paraprofessional for the last 15 years with children diagnosed with verbal/nonverbal autism, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis and Rhett syndrome. “Although I never thought I would leave the world of special education, God often has other plans for you. Where else could I pour my love, compassion and need to care for people, but at Mobile Infirmary?”

JoAnna completed the nursing assistant trainee program offered by Mobile Infirmary. Currently, she cares for post-partum mothers. “I adore my team and taking care of the new moms. Also, seeing and holding newborns is a phenomenal perk of the position!”

Mary-Camden Parmer is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who says she has always been drawn to healthcare. She was able to complete the CNA program while in high school. During her senior year, she says various hospitals came to her school to discuss opportunities for those motivated to study healthcare in college. “Mobile Infirmary really stood out to me, not only because my brothers worked there, but because of the flexibilities they have for college students and the educational opportunities.”

Mary-Camden is currently in college focusing on health science and is leaning toward a degree in radiology. She enjoys having her mother and brothers alongside her in the hospital. “It's nice knowing that you have someone there. It's great just running into them when you are working or leaving for the day.”

Hayden Parmer is a licensed practical nurse in the Infirmary Long Term Acute Care Hospital—located inside Mobile Infirmary. After moving from Pennsylvania, he began looking for a career where he could use his nursing skills and experience. “I saw where Mobile Infirmary had a major presence in the area, and from talking to other people, it also had a great reputation,” he said.

Like Mary-Camden, Hayden says he always wanted a profession where he could help people. “Nursing is exactly that. You encounter so many different people with different needs, and it is great to be able to help them and give them the care they need.”

Harris Parmer, the oldest of the Parmer children, works in Environmental Services as a waste technician. He says finding a career with advancement prospects was a top priority. “I was looking for an employer that had a good working environment and could provide flexibilities with working an afternoon shift, as well as open new opportunities.” He especially enjoys the great people he works with, family included. “It is nice to run into them and be able to say hey, or just chat with them.”

JoAnna says, “I believe all parents want to know that their children are safe, happy and have a successful life. I could not be prouder to see three of my four children working here. They all work to the best of their ability, providing care, compassion and empathy for others. They are a huge asset to this hospital and community.”

The Parmers agree that choosing Mobile Infirmary was a great fit for each of their individual needs and careers.

“The staff at Mobile Infirmary has welcomed me with open arms even though I had no previous medical background,” said JoAnna. “I have been so inspired by my children and [my unit] that my plans are to return to college and major in nursing.”

As a current college student, Mary-Camden said the flexibility she is offered is perfect for someone wanting to get into healthcare and further their education. Hayden believes Mobile Infirmary is a great place to be when looking for a solid employer with great opportunities. Harris agrees with his siblings, saying he enjoys his work and colleagues, and the opportunities Mobile Infirmary provides.

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