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Safety during hurricane season: What to do before, during and after the storm.

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  • Written By: Ashley Rains
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On the Gulf Coast, the arrival of hurricane season is the community's reminder to stock up on items such as batteries, non-perishable food, gas and other necessities. 

There are other ways to be prepared in regards to your health and safety. Dr. Ronald O'Gorman with North Baldwin Infirmary Emergency Medicine reminds us there are safety measures some may overlook in regards to what to do - and not do - before, during and after a storm. 

In anticipation of prolonged power outages:

  • Have adequate medications to last two weeks.
  • Know the location of the closest medical shelter.
  • Have battery backup for any essential medical equipment.

After a hurricane, emergency departments frequently see injuries as a result of those cutting tree limbs, touching downed power lines or consuming spoiled food. 

"If you choose to use a generator, only do so if the actual mechanism is stored outside of the house," says Dr. O'Gorman. "Not even in a carport or next to a window. We see people every year with carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal."

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