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Why is choosing a hospital with a Specialty Nursery important?

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  • Written By: Ashley Rains

Family Plaza at Mobile Infirmary and The Birth Center at Thomas Hospital each have Level II (Specialty) nursery designations, meaning they provide advanced-level care for newborns as well as critical care services for the mother, if needed. This allows both mother and baby to stay in the same hospital.

In a Level II nursery, you will find a Neonatal Intensive Care Team – a team of physicians, advanced providers and nurses who are specialized and certified in caring for the youngest patients in need. While the Birth Centers always offer Level I standards of need – such as the ability to detect, stabilize and initiate management of unanticipated problems, support services readily available at all times and having every birth attended by at least one birthing professional – our Level II nurseries provide peace of mind to parents whose babies may need higher levels of care.

“Most mothers that deliver prematurely are not planning to deliver prematurely,” said George Powers, M.D., neonatologist at Infirmary Health. “We can provide an augmented level of care, a higher level of care, than provided in a standard newborn nursery setting. We can take care of newborns who require antibiotics, who need to be monitored or have respiratory therapy.” Along with Dr. Powers, Phillip Gordon, M.D. cares for these babies at Mobile Infirmary and Thomas Hospital.

The Level II Nurseries are prepared and certified to care for moderate- to high-risk conditions for both the baby and mother. With Specialty Care, neonatologists have access to advanced imaging options for their patients, with an OB-GYN ready available at all times, including obstetric leadership from an experienced, board-certified OB-GYN.

For more than 110 years, our birth centers have been here for you and your family. We are proud to offer this additional service to our communities, improving access to care and making the patient experience more seamless for the entire family.