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To our healthcare heroes | Written by Chuy Ramirez

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  • Written By: Hannah Peterson

One of our Infirmary Health teammates, Chuy Ramirez, composed the following poem for all of our Infirmary Health Heroes. We hope this message lifts the spirits of the healthcare workers in and around our community.

Thank you to the healthcare heroes everywhere for your steadfast support, compassionate care and comforting spirit that you exhibit each and every day.
To our healthcare heroes...
Because of you – from everyone you touch,
Because of you, the sun will come out again.
Because of you, I can breathe.
Because of you, I have someone by my side.
Because of you, I am no longer afraid.
Because of you, I can see my family and friends again.
Because of you, the darkness turns to light.
Because of you, I was in good hands at the end.
You put your family aside to take care of me.
Your life has taken a back seat to mine.
You put yourself on the frontline for me.
You are the first and last person I will see in my life.
You are a new chapter in my book of life.
You find the strength to take care of and comfort me, even when you’re weak and tired.
You give me water when I thirst, a blanket when I’m cold, a smile to help find mine.
You risk your health and safety to take care of me.
I met you when I was born, I did not belong to you, yet you took me into your arms and comforted me and let me know that I was here.
In my weakest moments, you healed me so that I can get back to my life, while you went back to helping others do the same.
I am the person who needs you the most.
I was broken and you put me back together.
I need my loved ones, family, and friends, but most importantly I Need You!
Throughout my life you were there when I needed you and you graciously accepted me.
Why?  Is it your compassion, your empathy, your values, your resiliency, or your love of life?
Or, is it all the above?
Thank You for being!
Written by
Chuy Ramirez
Organizational Development | Infirmary Health