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Visit our events page to see upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinics.


To request a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, please visit MyIHChart.orgVaccines are available at our locations in Mobile & Fairhope. Vaccines are available to anyone 12-years-old and older.

  • If you have an existing MyIHChart account, please login, select "Menu" and then "Schedule an Appointment."
  • To create a MyIHChart account, please visit
  • For questions on how to schedule your visit on MyIHChart, please click here.







Infirmary Medical Clinics are offering COVID-19 testing AND treatment by appointment only. Locations are available in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Click here to find a clinic near you




Read our full visitor policy here

We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we strive to maintain a safe setting for patient care. Infirmary Health reserves the right to modify or change any of the policies listed at any time. 




  • Vendor visits should be limited to the following:
    • In support of a physician caring for a patient
    • To deliver necessary supplies, instrumentation and/or equipment
    • To pick up instrumentation and/or equipment that has been used in the care of a patient
  • Upon entry to the facility, please continue to utilize IntelliCentrics via your regular kiosk location and check-in with the department in which you will be working to have your temperature checked.


Patient care is our top priority; therefore, please use your best judgment to determine if your presence will benefit our patients within the Infirmary Health community. Should there be any questions, you may contact departmental management for which you are providing service.


  • Any vendor or contractor who has flu-like symptoms is not permitted at any Infirmary Health facility.  
  • Vendors and contractors presenting at the following Infirmary Health facilities will be directed to the following entry points:
    • Mobile Infirmary – Receiving Dock Entrance
    • North Baldwin Infirmary – Main Entrance
    • Thomas Hospital – Main Entrance
    • Infirmary LTAC Hospital – Receiving Dock Entrance (same as Mobile Infirmary)
    • Rotary Rehabilitation Hospital – Receiving Dock Entrance (same as Mobile Infirmary)
    • Colony Rehabilitation Hospital – Main Entrance (same as Thomas Hospital)

As always, all those whose work takes them into the healthcare environment are asked to frequently wash their hands with soap and water (or alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available) and to thoroughly disinfect surfaces to help protect against the spread of viruses.

We appreciate your cooperation and patients as we strive to maintain a safe setting for patient care. Infirmary Health reserves the right to modify or change any of the policies listed at any time. 





A heartfelt thank you to so many of our community members who have donated food, sent us personal protective equipment, handwritten notes and lifted up thoughts and prayers. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent healthcare for our communities across the Gulf Coast every day. Your donations have played a part in making that possible. 


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