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Current Residents

Ansley Carroll, PharmD
Pharmacy Education: William Carey University School of Pharmacy in Biloxi, MS
Hometown: Jonesboro, AR
Research: Outcomes associated with sodium bicarbonate administration during in-hospital cardiac arrest
Areas of Interest: Cardiology, Internal medicine, geriatric medicine
What drew you to Mobile Infirmary/why did you choose our program? I chose Mobile Infirmary because of the unique opportunities in various different areas such as psych and different critical care units. I also loved the idea of having four other residents' shoulders to lean on during this year.

Allison Daneault, PharmD, MBA
Pharmacy Education: Samford University
Hometown: Biloxi, MS
Research: Opiate Use and Length of Stay With and Without Exparel
Areas of Interest: Oncology and pediatrics
What drew you to Mobile Infirmary/why did you choose our program? While completing P4 rotations at Mobile Infirmary, I learned about the non-traditional PGY1 residency program MIMC offered, which is a really unique opportunity not many other places offer. I am interested in becoming an oncology pharmacist and Mobile Infirmary has lots of opportunities and continues to grow in that area.

Courtney Ellison, PharmD
Pharmacy Education: Auburn University College of Pharmacy
Hometown: Wilmer, AL
Research: Auto-verification Resulting In Medication Errors Or Near Misses
Areas of Interest: Oncology and Critical Care
What drew you to Mobile Infirmary/why did you choose our program? Throughout pharmacy school, I had multiple rotations at Mobile Infirmary where I established friendly connections and enjoyed the environment created by pharmacy department. I knew I wanted to work here and was able to acquire a position as an operational pharmacist after graduation in 2022. When I heard the news about the nontraditional residency being re-established, I quickly applied because I wanted to develop my clinical knowledge after not matching during the 2022 pharmacy residency match. The unique opportunity offered allows me to navigate my path to becoming a well-rounded clinical pharmacist with opportunities in my areas of interest.

Maggie Goode, PharmD
Pharmacy Education: Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy
Hometown: Homewood, Alabama
Research: Characteristics of Antimicrobial-Related Medication Safety Incidents
Areas of Interest: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine
What drew you to Mobile Infirmary/why did you choose our program? I was originally drawn to the program due to the option for an emergency medicine elective and internal medicine II elective. I chose the program due to how kind everyone was during my interview and the flexibility of the residency program to accommodate needs.

David Sharogradksy, PharmD
Pharmacy Education: University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Research: Evaluation of Opiate Usage for Acute Non-surgical Pain
Areas of Interest: Pain and Palliative Care and Hematology/Oncology
What drew you to Mobile Infirmary/why did you choose our program? Availability of a variety of learning experiences tailored to my personal interests and a highly experienced group of preceptors and mentors to learn from.