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Salary & Benefits

Resident Program Salary and Benefits

Infirmary Health’s Resident compensation program reflects our core values of caring for our patients first and equipping our Residents for success.

Salary and perquisites

  • 1st Postgraduate Year $56,784.00
  • 2nd Postgraduate Year $58,489.60
  • 3rd Postgraduate Year $60,278.40
  • 4th Postgraduate Year $62,067.20
  • 5th Postgraduate Year $63,939.20

Salary is reviewed from time to time to maintain comparability with the southern region. Updated June 2023.

  • Books/Supplies/Technology Allowance: $250 per year.
  • Lab Coat: $150 initially and replacements up to $50 per year as needed.
  • Free Parking: Within designated areas in close proximity to the facility.
  • Meals: Meals are available in the Doctor’s Dining as well as in the cafeteria at a discounted rate.
  • Board Certification Review Course: A $1,000 allowance is provided in the third year of training for categorical residents.
  • Other travel: Travel reimbursement may be available for residents who are invited to present and or compete at conferences and for other required educational activities. All travel is subject to budget limitations and requires pre-approval by Infirmary Health.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Residents are provided 22 (8-hour) calendar days per academic year. PTO is inclusive of vacation and sick time.
  • Approved Paid One Time Medical, Parental, Caregiver Leave: During a Resident’s tenure in each unique ACGME accredited program to which they are appointed, the Resident/Fellow may be granted a minimum of six weeks of approved medical, parental, and caregiver leave(s) of absence for qualifying reasons
  • Professional liability coverage: Provided while performing educational duties as a resident. $1,000,000 per claim/$3,000,000 aggregate for professional and general liability coverage is provided by Infirmary Health.


  • Infirmary Health’s (IH) Health Plan: Two PPO medical options are offered and are administered by: VIVA PPO Network and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama network. The Infirmary Physician Alliance is a network of physicians within both plans that reduces cost of office copays if used. Residents and IH share the cost of coverage, with approximately 75% paid by IH. Coverage is effective the first of the month after 30-days of employment.
  • Prescription drug coverage: Prescription drug coverage is provided with the health insurance plan. IH provides onsite pharmacies for participants to help lower out-of-pocket expenses for prescription medicines.
  • Dental plan: IH offers two dental plans -- a Premium Comprehensive Plan and a Basic Preventive Plan. Both plans are administered by BlueCross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Coverage is effective the first of the month after 30-days of employment.
  • Vision insurance: Vision coverage is available. Coverage is effective the first of the month, after 30-days of employment.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP): Five free counseling sessions per issue are provided for all benefit eligible employees and their dependents. EAP helps with various issues including marital/family/relationship, stress, emotional problems, and financial and legal referrals.
  • Supplemental employee life insurance: Age rated. Coverage up to three times base salary. Additional life insurance is also available for your spouse and children.
  • Employer provided life insurance: No cost to you. Coverage equal to 1 x base salary. Evidence of insurability may be required. Coverage is effective the first of the month after 30-days of employment.
  • Healthcare flexible spending account: No cost to you except your contributions. Maximum of $2,700 per year. Coverage is effective the first of the month after 30-days of employment.
  • Dependent day care flexible spending account: No cost to you except your contributions. Maximum of $5,000 per year ($2,500 if married, filing separately).
  • Employer provided short term disability: IH provides a base benefit of 60% base pay. Coverage begins the first of the month after six months of continuous benefit eligible status. Additional coverage up to 70% of income is available.
  • Employer provided basic long-term disability: IH provides a plan benefit of 60% of monthly base salary after 180 days off for an approved disability. Coverage begins the first of the month after one year of continuous benefit eligible status.
  • Bereavement pay: IH provides two shifts of bereavement pay for the death of eligible family members.
  • Individual voluntary insurance: Through UNUM, voluntary benefits can be purchased (cost based upon benefit selected) for hospital indemnity, critical illness, accident, and whole life.
  • 401(k) Retirement plan: No cost to you except your contributions. IH will match your contributions at $.50 for every dollar saved up to 6% of your contributions. Vesting in the IH match occurs after one year of service. The plan is administered by Prudential Retirement Services.
  • Employee discount program: In appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication, IH proudly offers employee discounts and purchasing power through our iSAVE program provided by Corestream and Emfuze.
  • iHealthy Wellness program: This program provides participants with tools and activities to improve their health. Participants also receive reduced health plan premiums.
  • Infirmary Health Fitness facilities: On-site fitness centers offer a variety of exercise equipment and swimming pools. Locations are on the campuses of Mobile Infirmary, Thomas Hospital, and North Baldwin Infirmary. Discounted rates are available.
  • Wellcare: Provides nurse practitioner service, at no cost to you, for treatment of colds and flu, sinus infections, sore throat, etc. Conveniently located within Employee Health at Mobile Infirmary and Thomas Hospital
  • The Infirmary Federal Credit Union: Provides a full range of banking and financial services to Infirmary Health employees and their families.

Deductions from pay for these benefits are taken on a pre-tax and after-tax basis. Paying premiums on a pre-tax basis saves you federal, state, and social security taxes. When you pay premiums on a pre-tax basis, you can only change your coverage during Open Enrollment or if you have a Qualified Family Status Change, and you make the change within 30 days of the event. This is not a contract. Refer to the IH website for more details. All services are subject to the provisions of the insurance contracts and related Plan Documents. IH reserves the sole right to modify and or terminate Plan coverage.

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