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PODCAST: I have cancer. Is a clinical trial right for me?

Infirmary Cancer Care is distinguished from other cancer programs by the scope of its comprehensive patient care and streamlined patient access. The multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates on each patient's treatment plan. Patients also have direct access to personal cancer navigators, who guide them through every step of their cancer journey.

With individualized treatment plans, access to clinical trials may be a key component for a patient’s care. On the latest episode of LIFE Cast, Rodney Rocconi, M.D., Associate Director and Director of Research for Infirmary Cancer Care and gynecologic oncologist, shared “I truly believe 100 percent that the standard of care for all cancer therapy should involve clinical trials.”

Dr. Rocconi, a professor of gynecologic oncology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), also discusses his research and “paying it forward” as an added benefit of participating in a clinical trial. “Every time I talk to a patient about clinical trials, I always talk about the benefit. They are typically getting an agent that they would not receive otherwise, something that's new and could be better than what we already have. We're giving this agent or doing this trial because there have been women like them who entered into a study to show that it's better.”

Learn more about how Infirmary Cancer Care is taking a proactive approach to research and using clinical trials for their patients by listening to the full podcast episode online or in your favorite podcast app.