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Infirmary Physician Alliance

Infirmary Health’s Infirmary Physician Alliance (IPA) is a physician led, governed and driven organization whose goal is to partner with Infirmary Health to increase clinical quality and care efficiency in Mobile and surrounding communities. Spread throughout the Gulf Coast and made up of physicians that staff Infirmary Health’s hospitals and clinics, this organization integrates strategic planning and patient care with quality controls and managed care contracting with payers and employers to prove value to payers, employers and patients. The goal is to ensure that Infirmary Health’s services are patient-centered and provide the highest quality of care available so that Infirmary Health becomes the FIRST choice for healthcare in the Gulf Coast.

About Us

The Infirmary Physician Alliance strives to be the leader in clinical integration and quality. As such, our structure is designed to allow maximum sharing of quality control data and information without compromising patient confidentiality. Our structure allows for close cooperation between physicians across specialties at Infirmary Health while also providing an internal framework to better our performance in assisting patients.

The IPA’s Structure and Function

When first formed, the Physician Alliance Board was made up of physicians from Infirmary Health’s three main hospitals. Now all physicians who join the Alliance have an opportunity to serve in leadership and guide the strategy and planning of the IPA. Board member elections are held annually at each hospital campus to ensure that the strongest leaders are chosen and that each hospital is properly represented. This also allows for a diversity of opinion and ensures that there are a multitude of medical specialties represented on the board.

This structure allows the IPA to react to changes that will occur in the healthcare industry and best represent the needs of the individual physicians. It also allows the IPA to contract for shared savings agreements with commercial payers and employers and to have more leverage when contracting for Medicare Advantage Plans. Physician members will be required to provide quality data as to clinical quality and efficiency. However, the sharing of financial data or electronic health records is never required. If you are interested in joining the Infirmary Physician Alliance or have more questions, contact Scott Fenn at or (251) 435-2592.

Board of Directors

Our current board of directors is made up of doctors covering a vast array of specialties. They include:

  • Dr. Joey Carter
  • Dr. Jennifer Cunnigham
  • Dr. Michael O'Dowd
  • Dr. Wendell Erdman
  • Dr. Matt Eves
  • Dr. Russell Goode
  • Dr. Dan Lane
  • Dr. Andy Smith
  • Dr. Ben Sherman
  • Dr. Lee Thompson
  • Dr. Jacob Webster
  • Dr. Jason Valentine
  • Dr. Steve Wiber
  • Dr. Wells Wilson
  • Dr. Don Williams
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wood
  • Barre Sanders
  • Joe Denton
  • Joe Stough
  • Scott Fenn

Our Newsletter

To learn more about the Infirmary Physician Alliance, read our newsletter to stay informed about issues that matter to the IPA.

Our recent newsletters include:

Contact Us

The Infirmary Physician Alliance is designed to ensure that patients who walk into Infirmary Health’s medical centers receive the highest quality of care possible from a medical staff that holds each other accountable to standards of clinical excellence. The structure and functioning of the IPA allow this self-regulation to better Infirmary Health’s healthcare network so that we can reach our goal of caring for your LIFE. Still have questions or want to request information about Infirmary Health Alliance? Please contact Scott Fenn, SVP Clinical Integration and Strategy.

Scott Fenn
Senior Vice President-Clinical Integration and Strategy
Office: (251) 435-2592

Patrick Caliva
Provider Relationship Manager
Cell: (504) 812-7558
Office: (251) 435-7512