Resident Requirements

Pharmacy Licensure

The resident must present to the Pharmacy Manager (or his designee) their Alabama Pharmacist License Certificate and controlled substances registration card. These documents will be posted in the Department of Pharmacy. If the resident is not licensed as a pharmacist in the state of Alabama at the beginning of the residency program, the resident should initiate the process for obtaining a license as soon as possible. Normally, residents should obtain Alabama licensure prior to the commencement of the residency program or by September 1. If a resident is unable to achieve licensure by September 1, they may be subject to dismissal from the residency program. Upon a case by case review, a resident unable to achieve licensure by the September 1 deadline may have the option to apply for any other available position for which they are qualified.

Staffing Requirement
  • Every 3rd weekend and 2 nights a month
  • Select holidays
Required Projects
  • Research project
  • MUE
  • Continuing education seminar
  • Performance improvement project
  • Drug information
  • Monograph/class review
Required Projects
  • ASHP Midyear
  • SERC