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PODCAST: I'm a candidate for joint replacement. What do I need to know?

The goal of Infirmary Health's Orthopaedic Institute is to provide comprehensive orthopedic services to the Gulf Coast Region. Infirmary Health is invested in many of the newest technologies, providing hospitals with advanced surgical techniques for orthopedics, which offer improved patient outcomes and recovery times. And Infirmary Health's partnership with Gulf Orthopedics is bringing orthopedic practice locations to new areas in Mobile and Baldwin counties. 

On the latest episode of LIFE Cast, Infirmary Health's podcast, Dr. Granberry discusses joint replacements, choosing the right surgeon and facility for your procedure and the growth in orthopedics for Infirmary Health. Dr. Granberry shares, "There have been several studies over the last 10 years, really demonstrating significantly that going to an experienced joint surgeon and going to a high-volume joint center like Mobile Infirmary, really maximizes your chance of getting a good and excellent result." 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Granberry and the team at Gulf Orthopaedics, visit or call 251-435-BONE (2663). To learn more about Infirmary Health's Orthopedic Institute, please visit