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Diagnostic & Medical Clinic, an affiliate of Infirmary Health, is hosting medical evaluations daily from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. For more information on DMC’s Medical Evaluation sites, please call 251-435-1106 or visit










A heartfelt thank you to so many of our community members who have donated food, sent us personal protective equipment, handwritten notes and lifted up thoughts and prayers. Our goal is to continue provide excellent healthcare for our communities across the Gulf Coast everyday. Your donations have played a part in making that possible. 


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The following Infirmary Health facilities and services are closed until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • E.A. Roberts Alzheimer's Center
  • Diabetic Resource Centers




  • In concordance with Governor Ivey’s Safer at Home Order, Infirmary Health has modified its hospital visitor policy effective Friday, October 2, at 8 a.m. Each patient will be permitted one designated visitor per day (exceptions apply). Visitors will be required to adhere to the following guidelines. Visitors who do not meet these guidelines will not be permitted.
    - All visitors will be required to be masked (wearing own mask from home, subject to the requirements set forth in this policy, will be allowed), temperature screened and asked approved CDC questions before allowing entrance.
    - All visitors should maintain hand hygiene and appropriate social distancing.
    Same visitor per patient per day, 18 years or older
    All visitors should remain in the patient’s room. All cafeterias, waiting areas, gift shops and other common areas remain closed to visitors.

  • Read our full visitor policy here
  • We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we strive to maintain a safe setting for patient care. Infirmary Health reserves the right to modify or change any of the policies listed at any time. 






  • All routine vendor appointments are suspended until further notice.
  • Vendor visits should be limited to the following:
    - In support of a physician caring for a patient
    - To deliver necessary supplies, instrumentation and/or equipment
    - To pick up instrumentation and/or equipment that has been used in the care of a patient
  • Screening questions and temperature checks will be required at the appointed vendor entrance prior to gaining access to the facility.
    - Upon entry to the facility, please continue to utilize IntelliCentrics via your regular kiosk location 


Patient care is our top priority; therefore, please use your best judgment to determine if your presence will benefit our patients within the Infirmary Health community. Should there be any questions, you may contact departmental management for which you are providing service.


·         Any vendor or contractor should refrain from entering any Infirmary Health facility who has flu-like symptoms or who has traveled outside the U.S. or to any area within the U.S. where COVID-19 is known to be active.  

·         Vendors and contractors presenting at the following Infirmary Health facilities will be directed to the following entry points:

o   Mobile Infirmary – Receiving Dock Entrance

o   North Baldwin Infirmary – Main Entrance

o   Thomas Hospital – Main Entrance

o   Infirmary LTAC Hospital – Receiving Dock Entrance (same as Mobile Infirmary)

o   Rotary Rehabilitation Hospital – Receiving Dock Entrance (same as Mobile Infirmary)

o   Colony Rehabilitation Hospital – Main Entrance (same as Thomas Hospital)

As always, all those whose work takes them into the healthcare environment are encouraged to frequently wash their hands with soap and water (or alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available) and to thoroughly disinfect surfaces to help protect against the spread of viruses.


We appreciate your cooperation and patients as we strive to maintain a safe setting for patient care. Infirmary Health reserves the right to modify or change any of the policies listed at any time. 



Our current modified visitor policy restricts all visitors from entering our hospitals and permits each patient one caregiver to enter the facility. Your loved one’s care team at the facility will determine if a caregiver is necessary during their stay, such as someone who will provide additional care at the bedside and be involved in the patient’s care after they are discharged. For example, a spouse or partner for the birth of a baby, parent to a child or primary caregiver.


All caregivers and patients are screened prior to entry. The screening includes a questionnaire and a temperature check. All personnel performing the screenings have been provided with guidelines of caregivers who meet the above criteria, and each situation will be critically evaluated. Caregivers must be 18 years or older and will be given a color-coded wristband that must be worn throughout the hospital. Caregivers who do not pass the screening will not be permitted entry. Patients who do not pass the screening will be given a facemask and isolated.


If you have questions about your status as a caregiver, please call the nurses station who is managing the care for your loved one.