Corporate Compliance Policy - Infirmary Health

Thank you for visiting the Infirmary Health (IH) compliance web portal. Infirmary Health endeavors to identify opportunities to provide quality services and maintain integrity in the healthcare environment. The IH Business and Professional Standards which we have elected to post, along with other IH Standard Operating Procedures, highlights the following commitments:

  • To fully comply with all federal healthcare program requirements
  • To expect that all persons or entities connected with IH will fully comply with federal healthcare program requirements and with IH policies and procedures
  • To expect that any person who reports a suspected violation of law will be reported via the IH Disclosure Program and be protected from retaliation for good-faith reporting
  • All individuals either employed or affiliated with IH to provide healthcare services will be trained regarding the IH Compliance Program

Infirmary Health stands by its commitment to compliance and employs a dedicated compliance team to oversee and manage the Corporate Compliance Program. In addition, the Board of Directors and the Executive Compliance Committee at Infirmary Health provide high level oversight of the compliance program. The Compliance Department Mission is to minimize compliance risk and improve the effectiveness of the Infirmary Health Compliance Program.

Through continued support for and commitment to our compliance program, Infirmary Health will continue to set the highest ethical standards and remain a healthcare leader by providing quality patient care services to our community.

Amy Katherine Bennett 

Vice President, Corporate Compliance Officer

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